Forget About The Oculus Rift—The InfinitEye Has Twice The Resolution And A Greater Field Of View

Everyone knows about the Oculus Rift, current king of virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMD), but that seat may soon be challenged by the InfinitEye. Currently in prototype, the InfinitEye offers two screens at 1280×800 each, double the 640×400 in the Oculus Rift dev kit, and a 210 degree field-of-view (FOV), compared with the Rift’s 110 degrees. From Road to VR’s hands-on review:

If using the Oculus Rift is like opening the sunroof on a virtual world, the InfinitEye takes the roof clean off—at least if you base your opinion solely on horizontal FOV.

The video above shows the set in action and Road to VR’s Paul James’ reactions. I’m glad this field’s getting some attention; we’ve been excited about virtual reality headsets since the 90s, and to see it all finally coming into its own is welcome news.

(Road to VR via Slashdot)

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