How Call Of Duty Made A Whole Generation Of Gamers A Bunch Of Wimps

Tripwire Interactive President John Gibson said it earlier this year, and now Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward has come out with it themselves: Call of Duty players are wimps. In an interview with OXM, executive producer Mark Rubin said this:

It’s kind of a weird, ironic thing to say; they aren’t hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night.

So, in other words, these guys who spend thousands of hours roleplaying as badass special forces operatives are essentially doing nothing more than masturbating every night.

John Gibson was the one who really nailed it, though, in an interview with PCGamer this past May. He was developing a standalone expansion to Red Orchestra 2 and was frustrated by the beta testers—all of them hardcore CoD players—who complained that his game didn’t feel like Call of Duty.

Just listening to all the niggling, pedantic things that they would complain about, that made them not want to play the game, I just thought, “I give up. Call of Duty has ruined this whole generation of gamers.”

Everything from movement to the weapon power and handling—if it wasn’t exactly in line with their experience with Call of Duty, they acted like old men exposed to new tech. Which I can understand their resistance, as it’s not easy transitioning between different FPS games. But what’s worse is the way CoD has totally taken the challenge out of the game. As Gibson explains, Infinity Ward has compressed the skill gap to the point where there’s no real skill required to win.

They’ve taken individual skill out of the equation so much….it’s like a slot machine. You might as well just sit down at a slot machine and have a thing that pops up and says “I got a kill!”

You can read the rest of the interview over at PCGamer, or check out Infinity Ward’s own admission of guilt at IGN.

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