How One Of The Most Addicting Video Games Ever Helped This Woman Conquer Her Grief

Ramona Pringle had it pretty good: a successful career in television, a close group of friends, a boyfriend with whom she was hoping to tie the knot. Then her mother was diagnosed with a life-changing illness and Ramona moved home to Canada. She had to quit her job, and then her boyfriend broke things off. Ramona lost nearly everything.

The story seems tired, but it’s the way she rebounded that’s interesting. She played World of Warcraft, a game known more for people losing their lives to it than finding themselves, but it was through the massively multiplayer online world that she found the connection and support she needed to get back on her feet.

And now she’s making a documentary about it. It looks corny as hell, but it’s a story about video games being a positive force in a person’s life and I think the gaming community needs all of those it can get.

(via Mashable)

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