One Of The Most Detailed Digital Models Of The Human Face Ever Created, Brought To You By Nvidia

“Digital Ira” is the face behind Nvidia’s push to have mobile SoC graphics compete with desktop graphics. The video above features the ARM-based Tegra 5 chip—codenamed Logan— powered by a Kepler-based GPU “similar to the cores in desktop GTX 600 and 700 cards,” according to ExtremeTech.

In a tablet, Nvidia believes the beefier 2W version of Logan will be more powerful than the PS3 or the GeForce 8800 GTX — in the neighborhood of 400 GFLOPS. Granted, these are both a few years out of date, but we’re clearly into the realm of desktop-level graphics.

Another interesting note from the article is that this will be Nvidia’s last 32-bit ARM SoC before the next generation Parker chips, featuring the ARMv8 Maxwell GPUs, arrive with 64-bit capabilities.

(via ExtremeTech)

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