The Birth Of Titans: How The GeForce GTX 690 And Titan Came To Be

We spend a lot of time talking about the performance and capabilities of GPUs, but just as important—and fascinating—is the story of how those units came to be. Chris Angelini at Tom’s Hardware sat down with Nvidia’s VP of hardware engineering Andrew Bell and Jonah Alben, senior VP of GPU engineering, to talk about the process in designing and producing the GTX 690 and Titan.

Jonah’s group spends a billion dollars building a GPU, after all. Andrew has a cadre of engineers working on the boards to house those processors. Then they cover them up with plastic. In the past that seemed perfectly natural. But how cool is it to look in the back of a 458 Italia and see that 4.5 L V8 snarling at you through the engine hatch? Wouldn’t you want to peer into your graphics card’s innards the same way?

Read the full article here.

(feature image via Nvidia)

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