This Headset Lets You Safely Overclock Your Brain

The is a headset that runs a 2 milliamp current in jolts through your prefrontal cortext to improve your focus, reaction time and ability to learn new skills—essentially overclocking your brain. I’m not sure yet if this thing is amazing or secretly electroshock therapy for suckers, but I kind of want one. Here are more details from an article in Extremetech:

Basically, by pumping electrons into your brain, your neurons, which communicate via spikes of electricity, become more excitable. This means that they can fire more quickly, improving your reaction time. Furthermore, when you remove the current, your neurons are imbued with additional neuroplasticity — in other words, they more readily make new connections, improving your ability to learn new skills.

(via extremetech)

DARPA’s already been using this thing to train new snipers, and university research groups have used it to improve the performance of gamers. It’s sold out on their site right now but the eight-week wait might just be worth it.



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