GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of 770 vs 680


Real world tests using the latest 3D games

crysis: warhead (2013), battlefield 3 (2013) and Far Cry 3


Synthetic tests to measure overall performance

PassMark, 3DMark Vantage Texture Fill, 3DMark 11 Graphics and 2 more

Compute Performance

General computing tests executed on the GPU

Civilization 5 Texture Decomposition (2013), PassMark Direct Compute and 1 more

Noise and Power

How loud and hot does the card run idle and under load

TDP, Idle Noise Level, Load Noise Level, Idle Power Consumption and 1 more

GPUBoss Score

Gaming, Benchmarks, Compute Performance and Noise and Power

Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 

GPUBoss recommends the Nvidia GeForce GTX 770  based on its gaming, benchmarks, compute performance and noise and power.

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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of GeForce GTX 770

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 770

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Better 3DMark06 score 29,690 vs 26,525.5 More than 10% better 3DMark06 score
Significantly more energy-efficient load power consumption 246W vs 356W More than 30% more energy-efficient load power consumption
Higher effective memory clock speed 7,012 MHz vs 6,008 MHz More than 15% higher effective memory clock speed
Better 3DMark vantage graphics score 36,150 vs 33,025 Around 10% better 3DMark vantage graphics score
Slightly higher clock speed 1,046 MHz vs 1,006 MHz Around 5% higher clock speed
Higher memory bandwidth 224 GB/s vs 192.3 GB/s More than 15% higher memory bandwidth
Quieter load noise level 46.7 dB vs 51.9 dB More than 10% quieter load noise level
Higher BioShock infinite framerate 83.4 fps vs 64.7 fps Around 30% higher BioShock infinite framerate
Higher memory clock speed 1,753 MHz vs 1,502 MHz More than 15% higher memory clock speed
Slightly more energy-efficient idle power consumption 109W vs 112W Around 5% more energy-efficient idle power consumption
Better civilization 5 texture decomposition (2013) score 395 vs 375 More than 5% better civilization 5 texture decomposition (2013) score
Higher far cry 3 framerate 50.4 fps vs 44.7 fps Around 15% higher far cry 3 framerate
Front view of GeForce GTX 680

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680

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Lower TDP 195W vs 230W More than 15% lower TDP

Benchmarks Real world tests of GeForce GTX 770 vs 680

PassMark Industry standard benchmark for overall graphics card performanceData courtesy Passmark

3DMark Vantage (Texture Fill) Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX performance

3DMark 11 Graphics Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX 11 GPU performance

CompuBench 1.5 (Bitcoin mining)

GeForce GTX 770
175.24 mHash/s
GeForce GTX 680
164.41 mHash/s

GFXBench 3.0 (T-Rex)

GeForce GTX 770
GeForce GTX 680

GFXBench 3.0 (Manhattan)

GeForce GTX 770
GeForce GTX 680

Reviews Word on the street

GeForce GTX 770  vs 680 

The GTX 770 WindForce OC is no different, but the improvement over the reference design cooler is, nevertheless, not that big because NVIDIA's cooler is already quite good.
GeForce GTX 770


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gotta love my msi gtx 670 power edition. still beats out a reference 770!
Did you update your drivers?
GTX680 Top Edition smashes on gtx 770 .... intill you OC the 770 :/
maybe your power supply doesn't meet the requirement, so your GPU uses less watts and has less performance.
No. You clearly know nothing about bottlenecking. Please watch this.
Its probably because your CPU is bottlenecking. You should get one of the newer i5's. Same thing is happening to me, I am going to upgrade to the i5 4670k soon.
The GTX 680 has better turbo.boost.
a friend of mine has a gtx 680 and runs bf4 on ultra with 150% texture resolution with 70-110 fps. where as my gigabyte gtx 770 4gb OC runs at 30 fps if i have the same settings. wtf... im so confused! someone please shed light on this.
got my inno3d with 1254mhz and this is stronger... but if you got a gtx 670 or 680 you can wait for 800series
Hi, nice review here. How does the standard 770 compares with the 680 TOP Edition (1201Mhz)? Thanks
Yes, both 680 and 770 are GK104.. But.. Like they say.. 770 is 680 on steroids.. :D It's just better.. Plus GPU 2.0.. Of course.. Not reference 770.. Just custom.. Yes... It's badass looking.. But.. 80 C° ?? On full load.. NO.
On techtomorrow the GTX 770 had 7 more avg fps then the gtx 680 on 1080p. On the other games the GTX 770 also lead. The f is with this comparrison if not the drivers are the reason?
Keep in mind the maturity of the drivers.
In 770vs670 comparasion we can see that in warhead 770 provides 48fps, and 670 36,4. In this one we can see 36,4 next to 770 what gives 50% advantage to 680 what is enermoud value. If there was 48 fps next to 770 it would give 11% advantage to 680 what is allright. Could you repair that?
I just ordered a second GTX 680 for $420.00. This makes me feel pretty good about it...
yes its gtx 680 with gk104-400 i guess
I think the GTX770 will have GK104 - same as GTX 680 - according to other websites
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