GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of 780 vs 690


Real world tests using the latest 3D games

crysis: warhead (2013) and Far Cry 3


Synthetic tests to measure overall performance

PassMark, 3DMark Vantage Texture Fill, 3DMark 11 Graphics and 2 more

Compute Performance

General computing tests executed on the GPU

Civilization 5 Texture Decomposition (2013), PassMark Direct Compute and 1 more

Noise and Power

How loud and hot does the card run idle and under load

TDP, Idle Noise Level, Load Noise Level, Idle Power Consumption and 1 more

No winner declared

Too close to call

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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of GeForce GTX 780

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 780

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Much more energy-efficient idle power consumption 62W vs 132W 2.1x more energy-efficient idle power consumption
Better PassMark score 8,018 vs 5,244 Around 55% better PassMark score
Better 3DMark06 score 35,080 vs 30,360 More than 15% better 3DMark06 score
Much more energy-efficient load power consumption 250W vs 472W More than 45% more energy-efficient load power consumption
Quieter load noise level 48.1 dB vs 54.5 dB More than 10% quieter load noise level
Significantly better CLBenchmark raytrace score 252,908 vs 151,263 More than 65% better CLBenchmark raytrace score
Quieter idle noise level 38 dB vs 40 dB 5% quieter idle noise level
Better PassMark direct compute score 3,937 vs 2,526 More than 55% better PassMark direct compute score
Lower TDP 250W vs 300W More than 15% lower TDP
Front view of GeForce GTX 690

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 690

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Is dual GPU Yes vs No About half of graphics cards are dual GPU
Better 3DMark vantage texture fill score 183.4 vs 147 Around 25% better 3DMark vantage texture fill score
Significantly higher memory bandwidth 384.6 GB/s vs 288.4 GB/s Around 35% higher memory bandwidth
Better floating-point performance 5,622 GFLOPS vs 3,977 GFLOPS More than 40% better floating-point performance
Higher clock speed 915 MHz vs 863 MHz More than 5% higher clock speed
Higher texture rate 234.2 GTexel/s vs 166.4 GTexel/s More than 40% higher texture rate
Better 3DMark 11 graphics score 17,380 vs 14,020 Around 25% better 3DMark 11 graphics score
More memory 4,096 MB vs 3,072 MB Around 35% more memory
Higher pixel rate 58.6 GPixel/s vs 41.4 GPixel/s More than 40% higher pixel rate
Higher turbo clock speed 1,019 MHz vs 902 MHz Around 15% higher turbo clock speed
More texture mapping units 256 vs 192 64 more texture mapping units
Better video composition score 74.85 frames/s vs 38.75 frames/s Around 95% better video composition score
Significantly higher far cry 3 framerate 83.1 fps vs 58.6 fps More than 40% higher far cry 3 framerate
More shading units 3,072 vs 2,304 768 more shading units
More render output processors 64 vs 48 16 more render output processors
Higher crysis: warhead framerate 87 fps vs 71.4 fps More than 20% higher crysis: warhead framerate
Higher battlefield 3 framerate 160.8 fps vs 141 fps Around 15% higher battlefield 3 framerate
More SMX units 16 vs 13 3 more SMX units

Benchmarks Real world tests of GeForce GTX 780 vs 690

PassMark Industry standard benchmark for overall graphics card performanceData courtesy Passmark

3DMark Vantage (Texture Fill) Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX performance

3DMark 11 Graphics Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX 11 GPU performance

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench

GeForce GTX 780
136.25 mHash/s
GeForce GTX 690
156.66 mHash/s

Crysis: Warhead (2013) 1920x1080 - Enthusiast Quality + 4xAA

Far Cry 3 1920 x 1080 - Ultra Quality + 4x MSAA + Enh. AtoC

GeForce GTX 780
58.6 fps
GeForce GTX 690
83.1 fps

Reviews Word on the street

GeForce GTX 780  vs 690 

Each GPU further has a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, with which it talks to 2 GB of memory.
GeForce GTX 690

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300 watt -_-
tempting..... how much you want for it?
It's magic
finger my pussy
the 690 is insanely overpriced
exactly, although i am not pleased with the loudness of the 690... i should have taken two 680s
gtx 690? gtx titan? HD 7990?
Once GTX 790 comes im ebaying my GTX 690 for sure.
690 still whips the llamas ass. Only the 790 will take the crown.
What a delusion :(
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