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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of GeForce GTX 960

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

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Higher clock speed 1,127 MHz vs 980 MHz 15% higher clock speed
Better 3DMark06 score 10,767.5 vs 7,962 More than 35% better 3DMark06 score
Higher effective memory clock speed 7,012 MHz vs 6,008 MHz More than 15% higher effective memory clock speed
Higher pixel rate 36.1 GPixel/s vs 23.52 GPixel/s Around 55% higher pixel rate
Higher turbo clock speed 1,178 MHz vs 1,032 MHz Around 15% higher turbo clock speed
Higher memory clock speed 1,753 MHz vs 1,502 MHz More than 15% higher memory clock speed
Higher thief framerate 50.6 vs 39.2 Around 30% higher thief framerate
Higher BioShock infinite framerate 75.8 fps vs 68.2 fps More than 10% higher BioShock infinite framerate
Lower TDP 120W vs 170W Around 30% lower TDP
Front view of GeForce GTX 760

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

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Significantly higher memory bandwidth 192.3 GB/s vs 112.2 GB/s More than 70% higher memory bandwidth
Significantly higher crysis 3 framerate 58.7 fps vs 36.1 fps Around 65% higher crysis 3 framerate
Higher texture rate 94.1 GTexel/s vs 72.1 GTexel/s More than 30% higher texture rate
More texture mapping units 96 vs 64 32 more texture mapping units
Wider memory bus 256 bit vs 128 bit 2x wider memory bus

Benchmarks Real world tests of GeForce GTX 960 vs 760

3DMark Vantage Graphics Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX 10 GPU performance

Battlefield 4

Bioshock Infinite

Crysis 3

Metro: Last Light

BioShock Infinite 1920 x 1080 - Ultra preset + DX11 (DDOF)

GeForce GTX 960
75.8 fps
GeForce GTX 760
68.2 fps

Crysis 3 1920 x 1080 - Very High preset + 16xAF + 2xSMAA

GeForce GTX 960
36.1 fps
GeForce GTX 760
58.7 fps

Reviews Word on the street

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Why does the "reasons to buy" have what appears to be a blatant lie about the 760 getting a much higher FPS in Crisis that's not reflected in the benchmark section? Both cards look to be neck-in-neck with the 960 winning by a hair.
seems like you just swallowed a big wad and your delerious
i need someone with intelligence in the comment section because there are way too many complete morons in this fucking world.
Hi Brothers I am New to PC gaming world,And I have searched a lot about building A gaming PC and now I have build 80% of my PC and I am satisfied by quality of components.I want to build a long life PC only one time I have Choose Intel I7 6700k Processor. Gigabyte MotherBoard, 16GB Corsair Ram, 750 watt Corsair PSU. Gigabyte CPU Casing. 2TB of SAMSUNG Hard Disk and Samsung 42 inch TV. But I am confused about buying a graphic card I know NVIDIA Card are Better THAN AMD CARDs IN Feature and performance Especially PHYSX Support in games. Price is little bit high But I am satisfied by Nvidia (budget is not my issue so that should not be discussed here).which vendor I should have to choose GIGABYTE,MSI,EVGA,ASUS,Sparkle,Leadtek.I have searched a lot and finally I am on THIS Forum. " Which Vendor For Graphics Cards is best to choose in terms of GPU cooling (Heat Dissipation) LIFE and durability, power consumption And User Friendly Features.I hate to over clock a GPU because it Can Damage THE Card OR PSU and I will Run it on GPU's OEM Defined Clock Speed.I am Stuck on EVGA,GIGABYTE,ASUS,MSI.WICH Should I HAVE to Choose.So I have decided to Purchase a gpu by help of this forum.because gamming experienced experts here know much batter than me pepole say all are good but I want to choose 1.EVGA,GIGABYTE or ASUS OR MSI So please VOTE ONLY FOR ONE VENDOR.I KNOW IF they install gtx 1080 THAT Will be same on all cards BUT Quality of every vendor is different.MY Question Is About Quality OF INDIVIDUAL VENDOR.
That's actually very cheap to do with a server setup used as a workstation get the Intel S5520HC motherboard bundled with 128 gb from here($150), pick up some Intel Xeons X5570s, e3-1234v3 or e5 dual cpus 12-16 cores from ebay very cheap under $50 which are just rebranded i7s and just throw in whatever video card you want
You just sent him right to the danger zone.
Good luck losing 3tb in that SSD when it decides to die.
wow this is a late reply. I payed $214.99 new and got a used one during christmas for $130 for SLI.
AMD asus cards nearly always fail. The issue is they take the cooler from the nvidia card which 90% of the time gets misaligned as it it set up for the die and vram of the nvidia card. Amd then simply port this over and it results in inadequate cooling of the vram which is a shame because the cooler itself quite amazing.
My gtx 980ti is so much better then this card if u want to know my pc it has a i7 6300k with 128gb of ram and 1200 power and water cooled and has 6t of storege and also has 3t ssd im so rich so all u people can lick my nads
Only you kid...
Well im tired of nvidia. Im only going to get amd now
How much did you pay for the gtx 760?
who has 760 and thinks that 760 is better than this 960 with useless 128bit DROP A LIKE for the 760. 760 FOREVER
? but if you wanna go see an example check out a comparison between the 2gb 285 overclocked and a 2gb 960 also oc'd, the amd chip gains more from a smaller overclock.
So why isnt that the case with their processors?
Actually, the 128-bit bus is enough for a card at 1080p. That's because Maxwell focused more on compute than memory bandiwtdh this time around. By doubling the l2 cache and reducing memory bandiwidth, which allowed for the core clock to be increased, memory bandiwidth was actually increased compared to the 660 and the 760 taking into account compression. However, this only works at 1080p: since you need more bandiwtdh and more memory, and compute performance isnt needed as much as VRAM, the 960 will become to see its limitations at higher resolutions.
Lower memory bus, less cuda cores and more l2 cache.
Although all companies make some glitches.... YOU HAVE TO UNINSTALL THE OLD AMD Drivers first (as they adivise you [but most people skip past that advice]), THEN REBOOT. Then Install the New AMD Drivers. Then REBOOT (Again). Voila. Works flawlessly. My main Haswell i7 gaming rig uses a GTX780, but my back up rig is a Haswell R9 280 Crossfire rig (which [oddly] is Far Faster).
i agree.go to this link and see difference between gtx 960 and 760.gtx 960 obviously 10%( perhaps more) better than 760, especially in new games
Meh unfortunately R3 is just confirmed to be rebranded Hawaii chips, I really don't care for AMD anymore, GPU and Proc is a low price but the top end boards are expensive now due to adding 3rd party chips that are basic offerings on Intel boards. On top of that Hawaii chips are like 400 series NVidia chips, and that is just plain hypocritical as AMD/ATI slammed NVidia for a poor TDP and loud noisy cards with massive heat buildups.
but you could just buy a NVidia card and not have to deal with that BS, mind you I like the Price of AMDs offerings, I just don't care for their quality at all,
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