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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of GeForce GTX 965M

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M

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More memory 4,096 MB vs 2,048 MB 2x more memory
Higher pixel rate 29.92 GPixel/s vs 16.32 GPixel/s Around 85% higher pixel rate
Better floating-point performance 1,914.9 GFLOPS vs 1,305.6 GFLOPS More than 45% better floating-point performance
More render output processors 32 vs 16 Twice as many render output processors
Higher texture rate 59.8 GTexel/s vs 40.8 GTexel/s More than 45% higher texture rate
More shading units 1,024 vs 640 384 more shading units
More texture mapping units 64 vs 40 24 more texture mapping units
Slightly better cloud gate factor score 19.48 vs 17.52 More than 10% better cloud gate factor score
Front view of GeForce GTX 860M

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M

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Much higher turbo clock speed 1,085 MHz vs 550 MHz More than 95% higher turbo clock speed
Higher clock speed 1,020 MHz vs 935 MHz Around 10% higher clock speed

Benchmarks Real world tests of GeForce GTX 965M vs 860M

Fire Strike Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

Sky Diver Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

Cloud Gate Factor Data courtesy FutureMark


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o, and I know about 5 guys with 860m's..... NO ONE has this shitty 2 gb version with 767/950 boost clock that they show. They are 1100 mhz.... It's a popular GPU.... it's the EXACT SAME as the 960m that seems to come in everything. So.... perhaps they should put the correct specs, or at LEAST notify people that "the specs we post for the 860m, only reflect about %10 of them. The other %90 of you have a different one, with half the cuda cores and a faster clock...." This site could be absolutely awesome, like one of the best sites. Laziness. The scoring is fucked up, too. The gtx 970 is literally a 10/10 by itself. It's a 9.1 when compared to the r9 290, it's like a fucking 6.0 when compared to better cards. They need a system to keep scores even. If it's a 10, it should remain a 10 until it get's pushed down. If it's a 5, it should be a 5. It should shoot up when compared to a lesser card. There are 2 ways to do it, like they do, changing the scores.... or keeping each piece of hardware's score locked, and changing it only in relation to new releases. The latter is much easier, and makes more sense.
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