GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of 7870 vs 760


Real world tests using the latest 3D games

crysis: warhead (2013), battlefield 3 (2013), Civilization 5 and Far Cry 3


Synthetic tests to measure overall performance

PassMark, 3DMark Vantage Texture Fill, 3DMark 11 Graphics and 2 more

Compute Performance

General computing tests executed on the GPU

SmallLuxGPU 2.0d4, Civilization 5 Texture Decomposition (2013) and 2 more

Noise and Power

How loud and hot does the card run idle and under load

TDP, Idle Noise Level, Load Noise Level, Idle Power Consumption and 1 more

GPUBoss Score

Gaming, Benchmarks, Compute Performance and Noise and Power

AMD Radeon HD 7870 

GPUBoss recommends the AMD Radeon HD 7870  based on its compute performance and noise and power.

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AMD Radeon HD 7870

GPUBoss Winner
Front view of Radeon HD 7870

Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Radeon HD 7870

Reasons to consider the
AMD Radeon HD 7870

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Significantly better SmallLuxGPU 2.0d4 score 16,500 vs 228 More than 72.2x better SmallLuxGPU 2.0d4 score
More energy-efficient load power consumption 295W vs 336W More than 10% more energy-efficient load power consumption
Slightly higher pixel rate 32 GPixel/s vs 23.5 GPixel/s More than 35% higher pixel rate
Quieter idle noise level 39.5 dB vs 41 dB Around 5% quieter idle noise level
Better CLBenchmark raytrace score 200,951 vs 130,616 Around 55% better CLBenchmark raytrace score
Front view of GeForce GTX 760

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

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Better 3DMark vantage graphics score 30,030 vs 23,592 More than 25% better 3DMark vantage graphics score
Higher effective memory clock speed 6,008 MHz vs 4,800 MHz More than 25% higher effective memory clock speed
Much higher crysis 3 framerate 58.7 fps vs 25.8 fps More than 2.2x higher crysis 3 framerate
Higher memory bandwidth 192.3 GB/s vs 153.6 GB/s More than 25% higher memory bandwidth
Higher texture rate 94.1 GTexel/s vs 80 GTexel/s Around 20% higher texture rate
Higher memory clock speed 1,502 MHz vs 1,200 MHz More than 25% higher memory clock speed
Higher far cry 3 framerate 41.5 fps vs 29.7 fps Around 40% higher far cry 3 framerate
Better civilization 5 texture decomposition (2013) score 333.8 vs 296.7 Around 15% better civilization 5 texture decomposition (2013) score
Higher battlefield 3 framerate 103.4 fps vs 78.8 fps More than 30% higher battlefield 3 framerate
Slightly higher crysis: warhead framerate 49.8 fps vs 44.2 fps Around 15% higher crysis: warhead framerate

Benchmarks Real world tests of Radeon HD 7870 vs GeForce GTX 760

PassMark Industry standard benchmark for overall graphics card performanceData courtesy Passmark

3DMark Vantage (Texture Fill) Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX performance

3DMark 11 Graphics Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX 11 GPU performance

Crysis: Warhead (2013) 1920x1080 - Enthusiast Quality + 4xAA

Radeon HD 7870
44.2 fps
GeForce GTX 760
49.8 fps

Far Cry 3 1920 x 1080 - Ultra Quality + 4x MSAA + Enh. AtoC

Radeon HD 7870
29.7 fps
GeForce GTX 760
41.5 fps

Crysis 3 1920 x 1080 - Very High preset + 16xAF + 2xSMAA

Radeon HD 7870
25.8 fps
GeForce GTX 760
58.7 fps

Reviews Word on the street

Radeon HD 7870  vs GeForce GTX 760 

Gaming power consumption is roughly similar to the reference design, which is impressive because Palit's card comes with much higher clock speeds on both GPU and memory.
GeForce GTX 760

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compute performance and power is reffering too
they are maybe referring to price/performance.
NO NO NO NO NO.......................
This one doesn't make much sense.
The rating is based on the GPUBoss scores alone, which are in the black box at the top. They rate on really specific things, that Passmark, and 3DMark don't seem to reward. Seems odd, but the first box at the top for the Gaming - makes me wonder if the real-world performance is better on the 7870. I have an R7870 Twin Frozr edition now, and it kicks butt, but I want a Nvidia card so I can play around with Gsync soon.
Sure looks that way...
@Zeppast i think its glitched
Still scratching my head on this one, how does an HD 7870 beat a GTX 760? when 99% of the benchmarks show the 760 ahead.
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