GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of R9 280 vs 960 among Desktop GPUs


Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 21 more


T-Rex, Manhattan, Cloud Gate Factor, Sky Diver Factor and 1 more


Face Detection, Ocean Surface Simulation and 3 more

Performance per Watt

Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 32 more


Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 32 more

Noise and Power

TDP, Idle Power Consumption, Load Power Consumption and 2 more


Overall Score

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 

GPUBoss recommends the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960  based on its benchmarks and noise and power.

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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Radeon R9 280

Reasons to consider the
AMD Radeon R9 280

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Much higher memory bandwidth 240 GB/s vs 112.2 GB/s Around 2.2x higher memory bandwidth
Better floating-point performance 3,344 GFLOPS vs 2,308.1 GFLOPS Around 45% better floating-point performance
More memory 3,072 MB vs 2,048 MB 50% more memory
Significantly better T-Rex score 8.22 frames/s vs 3.92 frames/s More than 2x better T-Rex score
Higher texture rate 104.5 GTexel/s vs 72.1 GTexel/s Around 45% higher texture rate
Much wider memory bus 384 bit vs 128 bit 3x wider memory bus
More shading units 1,792 vs 1,024 768 more shading units
More texture mapping units 112 vs 64 48 more texture mapping units
Front view of GeForce GTX 960

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

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Higher clock speed 1,127 MHz vs 827 MHz More than 35% higher clock speed
Significantly higher effective memory clock speed 7,012 MHz vs 5,000 MHz More than 40% higher effective memory clock speed
Significantly higher memory clock speed 1,753 MHz vs 1,250 MHz More than 40% higher memory clock speed
Higher turbo clock speed 1,178 MHz vs 933 MHz More than 25% higher turbo clock speed
Lower TDP 120W vs 200W 40% lower TDP

Benchmarks Real world tests of Radeon R9 280 vs GeForce GTX 960

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280
365.38 mHash/s
GeForce GTX 960
111.95 mHash/s

Face detection Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280
80.47 mPixels/s
GeForce GTX 960
69.13 mPixels/s

Ocean surface simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280
1,687.03 frames/s
GeForce GTX 960
780.9 frames/s

Particle simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280
501.37 mInteraction/s
GeForce GTX 960
710.39 mInteraction/s

T-Rex (Compubench 1.5) Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280
8.22 frames/s
GeForce GTX 960
3.92 frames/s

Fire Strike Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

Sky Diver Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

Cloud Gate Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

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Showing 25 comments.
Loving my own R9 280, all fine and dandy with a mere 500w PSU. Intel and AMD is the way to go when you're on a budget. AMD processors... eh, that's where your argument gains a little more ground. Not much, but it's something.
awww, are the wittle AMD fanboys maadd? awwww
No winner declared ._. This website is bs. Don't trust this site, trust userbenchmark.
It's visible, GPU Boss are paid by Nvidia, R9 280 it's much more viable than GTX 960, and have better price. Almost time, GPU Boss hide recommendations favorable to AMD. They are a extreme Nvidia fan boy, and see this guys too... is explicit in this case, the superiority of AMD R 280 vs GTX 960, by this Nvidia fan boys don't declare. Nvidia fan boys, yes man.
Yeah, I know.^^ 1. The comment is almost a year old... 2. My reasons: A GTX 960 is more expensive and isn't that much better in terms of performance, mostly 2/3 fps, sometimes no difference, sometimes 5fps - if you OC the GTX 760 you get at least the same performance or in some games even better performance AND you don't have such a small bus (although I haven't seen it being negative, thanks to the efficient 2nd gen memory compression)... But for now, I wouldn't recommend a GTX 760 anymore (although I also wouldn't with a GTX 960) because it can be found only used, which could be a risk, and it only has 2GiB VRAM, which will get you into trouble in some games... In this price range, I would recommend a R9 380 with 4GiB if you have a good CPU. But if you're tied to a entry level CPU like an i3 or an FX-6300, the GTX 960 is the way to go.
Did you not know both the 770 and 960 both have 2gb of ram idiot? Also, did you know the specs of a gpu actually mean nothing? You shouldn't even pay attention to them, as you might just start pulling shit out of your ass. Its in game performance is beyond the 760 and whatever remains of the 550ti.
So you'd rather go with a card that's slower and will get you less fps in EVERYTHING just because of its bus? Did no-one tell you yet that specs mean NOTHING. Only how well it performs in games, as that is the only reason for having a graphics card.
Considering that pretty much everyone has 500+ wattage PSUs, decent cases with good ventilation, no.
Shoulda bought a better quality PSU or thought ahead...
Does anyone actually care about the TDP?
Some PSU's can't handle that increase. Some can, but talk to people with budget builds (meh for example) that can't afford that extra 50 watts. So either risk frying a PSU or fork out moneh for a new PSU. OR, get an efficient GPU and cut out all the mess
yes amd is not very bad. But kinda bad. But AMD is going to die as company soon.... they are losing money all the time. 2014-2015 big money losses.
Not rlly a fan of AMD, but wow... Cut AMD some slack, I know they're not as bad as gpuboss is advertising. Mabeh just work on dat tdp
LEL. Dat TDP tho.
That TDP tho...
Yeeehh... only stupids and idiots thinks NVIDIA pay for this for being more popular !
The R9 280 is the best
Stupid. stupido... There is no clear winner. so what if they dont diklair. 960 has many advantages
Not really 80W - the R9 280 Doesn't hit 200W, just ~170/180 in practice, whereas the GTX 960 takes even more than the specified 125W... So 50W is rather thze case. ;) And for the PSU: I'm going to run a i7-3770K @ 4,3/4,4GHz paired with a GTX 970, so if you have a efficient and good PSU it shouldn't be a problem, I have the 450W be quiet! System Power 7 80+ Silver (432W at 12V).
like a $3 difference retard
possibly if it's an efficient PSU and your power draw from other stuff like the CPU is small. If power draw is a concern, I'd go with the 960, the performance may be a little slower, but it also saves you 80W. If you get your power draw too close to your PSU spec, that can cause some serious issues in the future as it inevitably degrades.
IKR Intel fanboys or what
will a 450 w psu be able to run the 280? if not i'm getting the 960 for sure
Only problem ive found is that in some rare cases its bad information here. not correct. but GPUBawsss good websaite =) great comparison and easy to use. side by side
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