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battlefield 3 (2013)


Synthetic tests to measure overall performance

PassMark, 3DMark Vantage Texture Fill, 3DMark 11 Graphics and 2 more

Compute Performance

General computing tests executed on the GPU

SmallLuxGPU 2.0d4, SmallLuxGPU 1.7Beta and 5 more

Noise and Power

How loud and hot does the card run idle and under load


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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Radeon R9 280X

Reasons to consider the
Generic Radeon R9 280X

Report a correction
Slightly higher effective memory clock speed 6,000 MHz vs 5,500 MHz Around 10% higher effective memory clock speed
Higher memory clock speed 1,500 MHz vs 1,375 MHz Around 10% higher memory clock speed
Front view of Radeon HD 7970

Reasons to consider the
AMD Radeon HD 7970

Report a correction
Higher clock speed 925 MHz vs 850 MHz Around 10% higher clock speed
Higher bioshock infinite framerate 78 vs 51.4 More than 50% higher bioshock infinite framerate

Benchmarks Real world tests of Radeon R9 280X vs HD 7970

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280X
478.67 mHash/s
Radeon HD 7970
447.28 mHash/s

Face detection Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280X
87.88 mPixels/s
Radeon HD 7970
49.05 mPixels/s

Ocean surface simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280X
1,857.65 frames/s
Radeon HD 7970
262.19 frames/s

Particle simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280X
518.94 mInteraction/s
Radeon HD 7970
107.29 mInteraction/s

T-Rex (Compubench 1.5) Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280X
7.71 frames/s
Radeon HD 7970
8.62 frames/s

Video composition Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 280X
111.35 frames/s
Radeon HD 7970
118.74 frames/s

Reviews Word on the street

Radeon R9 280X  vs HD 7970 

The core of the HD 7970 GHz Edition is clocked as high as 1000 MHz, with a Boost frequency of 1050 MHz; while the memory is upped to 1500 MHz (actual) or 6.00 GHz (GDDR5 effective), resulting in a staggering 288 GB/s bandwidth thanks to the 384-bit wide memory interface.
Radeon HD 7970


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actually you are wrong, the 280x is now about £50 more than the 7970 and they specs as far as i can tell after 3 days of comparing them both on various sites and reviews is that overall the 7970 wins but only just, some people keep jumping on the fact that for crysis 2 you get 10fps more, which i admit is a huge difference to be honest when considering a card for gaming, but its not like that for every game but alot of reviews tend to only use that game, look at the crossfire 7970 compared to the single 7970 on some games it doubles your fps having crossfire, others the single actually wins... some things arnt as clear cut as they should be, but that was just one example im sure you get my point
sorry here is that link for you guys . stay awesome ;)
Guys I would really appreciate it if we could sharpen things up because I have done many,MANY video tutorials and reviews and pc mags reading up of this R9 280X vs the 7970 and please guys its always come out as the R9 280X on top. I would most hate my Favorite GPU comparison site to have false information out there for those uneducated buyers who absolutely cant do without you guys. At current pricing the 280X is about $100 dollers cheaper that's about R1000 and it out performs the 7970 everywhere. I also noticed as I was comparing the HD 6990 vs the R9 280X it showed the 6990 being a lot stronger than the 280x ,where as when I compared the 7970 to the 6990 it showed the 7970 was indeed stronger. This couldn't be further from the truth if , indeed my sources are correct and the R9 280X is stronger than the 7970?? Doing something about this would be very appreciated as I have for Many months and years adored this website and wouldn't want people saying your information is false just for anyone wondering here is a link to a video comparison. thank you
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