GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of R9 290X vs 780


Real world tests using the latest 3D games

crysis: warhead (2013), Crysis: Warhead (2012), Batman: Arkham City and 6 more


Synthetic tests to measure overall performance

Passmark, 3DMark 11 Graphics, 3DMark Vantage Graphics and 3DMark06

Compute Performance

General computing tests executed on the GPU

Civilization 5 Texture Decomposition (2013) and Passmark Direct Compute

Noise and Power

How loud and hot does the card run idle and under load


GPUBoss Score

Gaming, Benchmarks, Compute Performance and Noise and Power

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 

GPUBoss recommends the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780  based on its .

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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Radeon R9 290X

Reasons to consider the
AMD Radeon R9 290X

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Much better 3DMark 11 graphics score 32,271 vs 14,020 More than 2.2x better 3DMark 11 graphics score
Higher clock speed 1,000 MHz vs 863 MHz More than 15% higher clock speed
Better floating-point performance 5,632 GFLOPS vs 3,977 GFLOPS More than 40% better floating-point performance
More memory 4,096 MB vs 3,072 MB Around 35% more memory
Higher pixel rate 64 GPixel/s vs 41.4 GPixel/s Around 55% higher pixel rate
Slightly higher memory bandwidth 320 GB/s vs 288.4 GB/s More than 10% higher memory bandwidth
Higher turbo clock speed 1,000 MHz vs 902 MHz More than 10% higher turbo clock speed
More render output processors 64 vs 48 16 more render output processors
More shading units 2,816 vs 2,304 512 more shading units
Wider memory bus 512 bit vs 384 bit Around 35% wider memory bus
Front view of GeForce GTX 780

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 780

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Much better 3DMark06 score 35,080 vs 16,167.5 Around 2.2x better 3DMark06 score
Better passmark score 8,039 vs 6,900 More than 15% better passmark score
Higher effective memory clock speed 6,008 MHz vs 5,000 MHz More than 20% higher effective memory clock speed
Higher memory clock speed 1,502 MHz vs 1,250 MHz More than 20% higher memory clock speed
Better passmark direct compute score 3,947 vs 3,080 Around 30% better passmark direct compute score
Lower TDP 250W vs 300W More than 15% lower TDP

Benchmarks Real world tests of Radeon R9 290X vs GeForce GTX 780

Passmark Industry standard benchmark for overall graphics card performance

3DMark 11 Graphics Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX 11 GPU performance

3DMark Vantage Graphics Industry standard benchmark that tests DirectX 10 GPU performance

BioShock Infinite 1920 x 1080 - Ultra preset + DX11 (DDOF)

Radeon R9 290X
94.9 fps
GeForce GTX 780
95.3 fps

Civilization 5 Texture Decomp (2013) Using the newest graphics cards Civ V can speed screen transitions by reducing texture sizes

Passmark Direct Compute Measures performance of general-purpose computing using Microsoft DirectCompute

Reviews Word on the street

Radeon R9 290X  vs GeForce GTX 780 

Overclocking works very well and reaches the highest clocks of all GTX 780 cards we tested so far.
GeForce GTX 780

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Showing 25 comments.
And My Sli gtx 980 is better than the crossfire r9 290x :D #Roasted
OOOH, WORLD STAR, You Burnt That Nvidia Fanboy, And My Crossfire R9 290x Is better Than The 980 Or 970 :D #Roasted
wanna say that to you when r9 3xx is comming out
Thats not what the 980 and 970 is saying to your pathetic 290x
Nivea is shit
im no WAY a fan boy of either amd or nvidia thats just stupid however INTEL I5 IS THE BEAST LOL , joking but im going intel i5 and this r9 cause its a beast that 780 bench mark is bollaxs lol
you guys need to start keeping these updated this might have been true when the original drivers were released. I highly suggest you run benchmarks monthly or bimonthly at the least. I also would not take benchmarks from other sites. List the benchmark date, driver, and system the benchmark was run on in the comparison. Id also have a discontinue date for cards so your not endlessly testing them. addition: also suggest showing the test environment and keeping the ambient air temps the same
again wrong with the performance numbers i'm sorry GPUboss
these states dont make no sense at all Gpuboss guys be serious. the r9 290x is clearly a way better card & u know it
GPU Boss is biased towards Nvidia. I bet Nvidia pays them to give BS comparisons.
Or open your case and shove a bunch of dry ice in there :D
Umm Raptr never force installs you idiot.....Ive been using AMD cards for awhile now and never has...Your whole write up blows. Everyone knows the 290x had issues when it first came out due to fan problems but that is solved now.....due some research before you comment. And for the record, I have used both AMD and NVIDIA and they both are great companies. Most users wont see a difference when gaming
AMD : our dream is to make a singe core gpu with perfomance like 770gtx. Thats right like Gtx 770..! mouhahaahahah! The GTX 780 ARE better! Dont cry AMD peseants and buy a couple of ten powers supply'es to make this horrible thing run. Oh and take care about how much playing games on this thing because maybe one day explode your house when this thing is close to the limits!
The best GPU you can buy at the moment is the SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X TRI-X OC R9 290X, period. And yes it is quieter, colder and faster than most 780tis out there.
Ridiculous nvidia fanboys. The gtx 780 ( stock ) and the r9 290x ( stock ) are very close together but the r9 290x is better. You can find the real results from a test in the internet. Congratulations, you are the first claim otherwise. Presumably with manipulated tests Sry for my bad english, its not my nativ language
I hate this bullshit. You get shit websites and gay ass fagot fanboys but fucking each other. AMD is always and always will be the bang 4 ur buck company for cpu's and graphics cards. Nvidia releases awesome cars as well but are not priced logically (i,e GTX TITAN). I like both companies and there awesome, The difference is I dont suck their dicks for money and kiss their ass like other pussy's.
You dont understand math, do you lol
are you taking us for fools gpuboss? are you paid or something?!
u mean Asus AMD
I have tried both reference cards at base frequencies. The R9 290X does run a but smoother that the GTX 780 is some areas such as benchmarks and highly demanding games. The main problem is that the R9 290X produces more heat and thus performance decreases. The GTX 780 on the other hand is much more stable throughout all games and benchmarks because NVIDIA's GK110 core is more energy efficient than AMD's Hawaii XT core. And in the end it all comes down to consistent performance. I mean who plays for just a half hour and calls it quits? Plus Catalyst forces Raptr, AMD Gaming Evolved or whatever it is to be installed where as NVIDIA GeForce Experience can be removed from the install list. To sum all this up, the higher cost of the GTX 780 equals consistent performance and lower heat generation.
the reason why this nvidia card has more compute performace is because its literally overclocked from the factory and the amd card obviously dominated the 780 and the 780Ti and besides usually when the card is OC'd from factory they dont last as long GG nVidia but uh your always the loser lol
If thats not an option just make sure the computer is outside when it is liquid cooling.
I do have a 780 .. but I will move on to AMD side when it comes to GPU .. I think Mantle and Freesyn are the way to go.
its 400$ on ebay
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