GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of R9 Nano vs 970 among Desktop GPUs


Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 21 more


T-Rex, Manhattan, Cloud Gate Factor, Sky Diver Factor and 1 more


Face Detection, Ocean Surface Simulation and 3 more

Performance per Watt

Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 32 more


Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 32 more

Noise and Power

TDP, Idle Power Consumption, Load Power Consumption and 2 more


Overall Score

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 

GPUBoss recommends the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970  based on its noise and power.

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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Radeon R9 Nano

Reasons to consider the
AMD Radeon R9 Nano

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Much wider memory bus 4,096 bit vs 256 bit 16x wider memory bus
Much better floating-point performance 8,192 GFLOPS vs 3,494 GFLOPS More than 2.2x better floating-point performance
Much higher texture rate 256 GTexel/s vs 109.2 GTexel/s More than 2.2x higher texture rate
Many more shading units 4,096 vs 1,664 2432 more shading units
Many more texture mapping units 256 vs 104 152 more texture mapping units
More render output processors 64 vs 56 8 more render output processors
Higher battlefield 4 framerate 100 vs 88.6 Around 15% higher battlefield 4 framerate
Front view of GeForce GTX 970

Reasons to consider the
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

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Much higher effective memory clock speed 7,012 MHz vs 1,000 MHz More than 7x higher effective memory clock speed
Much higher memory clock speed 1,753 MHz vs 500 MHz More than 3.5x higher memory clock speed
Lower TDP 148W vs 175W More than 15% lower TDP

Benchmarks Real world tests of Radeon R9 Nano vs GeForce GTX 970

Fire Strike Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

Sky Diver Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

Cloud Gate Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

Battlefield 4

Bioshock Infinite

Crysis 3

Metro: Last Light

Reviews Word on the street


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Its a good card. Have one myself. 1600x900 works wonders at high settings no hairworks witcher 3.
Nano has a much bigger memory bandwidth...
Lol,I just want an r9 380x,xD.
I swapped the Xeon for an i7 4820K because it has more power for much less money.
Ok give me a few minutes
Intel Xeon X99 CPU and DDR4 and AMD Fury X GPU and LED PC
Yeah sure. What price range will it be under, what companies (amd vs Intel vs Nvidia), any specific trait I.e silent PC, or led PC?
Will You Buy Me a Custom Gaming PC?
I find it funny how it says that the memory clock speed is 7x higher on the 970, but in actual fact, the higher clock speed doesn't equal higher performance because the smaller clocked memory is HBM, and so it can achieve much better performance at lower clocks.
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