GeForce 840M 

Released March, 2014
  • 1 GHz
  • 1 GB DDR3
6.8 Out of 10

Explore 21 laptops with the GeForce 840M
These chips are still based on Kepler (600-series), but feature more CUDA cores, more memory, a wider memory bus, and faster clockspeeds.
by Tim-Verry (Jun, 2013)
Combined with AMD's ZeroCore and Power Gating technology, the HD 7000M series is setting up to be a very power efficient platform.
by Doug-Crowthers (Apr, 2012)

GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of the GeForce 840M among Laptop GPUs under 35W TDP


GeForce 840M
Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 21 more


GeForce 840M
T-Rex, Manhattan and Cloud Gate Factor


GeForce 840M
Face Detection, Ocean Surface Simulation and 3 more

Performance per Watt

GeForce 840M
Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 30 more


GeForce 840M
Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 30 more

Noise and Power

GeForce 840M
TDP, Idle Power Consumption, Load Power Consumption and 2 more


Overall Score

GeForce 840M

Benchmarks Real world tests of the GeForce 840M

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench

GeForce 840M
92.89 mHash/s
GeForce 920M
40.41 mHash/s
GeForce 940MX
103.76 mHash/s

Face detection Data courtesy CompuBench

GeForce 840M
22.54 mPixels/s
GeForce 920M
8.36 mPixels/s
GeForce 940MX
30.06 mPixels/s

T-Rex (GFXBench 3.0) Data courtesy CompuBench

GeForce 840M
GeForce 920M
GeForce 940MX

Manhattan (GFXBench 3.0) Data courtesy CompuBench

GeForce 840M
GeForce 920M
GeForce 940MX

Fire Strike Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

GeForce 840M
GeForce 920M

Sky Diver Factor Data courtesy FutureMark

GeForce 840M
GeForce 940MX
GeForce 920M


GeForce 840M

Battlefield 4

GeForce 840M

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NVIDIA Announces Quadro M6000 & Quadro VCA (2015)

by Ryan Smith |
However the company is also pushing the use of Physically Based Rendering (PBR), a compute-intensive rendering solution that uses far more accurate rendering algorithms to accurately model the physical characteristic of a material, in essence properly capturing how light will interact with that material and reflect off of it rather than using a rough approximation.
However as FP64 compute is not widely used in graphics, this is not something NVIDIA believes will be an issue.

Roadmap reveals Nvidia's Geforce 800M mobile lineup

by Slobodan Simic |
Although it is not clear if OEMs like Clevo will get it in February or we will actually see some notebook with new Nvidia Geforce 800M parts on retail/e-tail shelves in February, we are quite sure we will hear more about them during CES 2014.
The high-end lineup includes the GTX 880M and the GTX 870M and according to Clevo's roadmap, the GTX 880M and the GTX 860M will show up in a couple of Clevo notebook models running in SLI configuration.
Nvidia would also most probably release a 880M SLI Configuration which would be the king of mobile graphics for a year or so.
Details about Maxwell’s Mobility series surfaced a few days back and now predicted benchmarks have also surfaced.
So let’s talk about the GPUs themselves, NVIDIA’s first tier chips would be MXM design which means they would be interchangeable, upgradable and even offer SLI support on some notebook designs.
Next up, we have the entry level models which will feature the onboard design which mean that these GPUs will be permanently soldered to the mainboard hence no upgrading can be possible.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


GPU brand Nvidia
GPU name GM108
Market Laptop
Clock speed 1,029 MHz
Turbo clock speed 1,124 MHz
Is dual GPU No
Reference card None

raw performance

Shading units 384
Texture mapping units 16
Render output processors 8
Pixel rate 8.23 GPixel/s
Texture rate 16.46 GTexel/s
Floating-point performance 790.3 GFLOPS


Memory clock speed 1,001 MHz
Effective memory clock speed 2,002 MHz
Memory bus 64 bit
Memory 1,024 MB
Memory type DDR3
Memory bandwidth 16.02 GB/s

noise and power

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Same here, I havent still met any with 1GB, also I still see pretty much many false specs here.. :/ There is also a huge BUT because there are 2 geforce 840m variants one is GM107(?) and second GM108 I dont remember wich one was more powerful but as I see I have GM108 that has 24 TMUs and 16 ROPs. About the 2GB version.. all 840m variants that have 64bit bus it only uses 1GB of vRam thats the bottleneck of that card.. Overall: I'd say my gpu is around 15% more powerful with 8% OC than 940m and I still dont have any problems with everyday gaming in med-high like: WoT, CS:GO, MoW:AS2 ..etc... right now tested BF4, got quite stable 80fps in med. Thanks!
Geforce 840m has 2GB DDR3 RAM and it's RAM is not 1GB !!!
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