GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile 

Released March, 2003
  • 250 MHz
  • 64 MB

And it definitely seems so, as i mentioned AMD has lacked behind Intel in the x86 performance scape in terms of performance, efficiency and process design.
by hassan-mujtaba (Aug, 2013)
SLI scales a little better than CrossFire on the Intel CPU, and the SLI-versus-CrossFire spread is even wider on the FX-8350-based configuration.
by Thomas-Soderstrom (Apr, 2013)

Features Key features of the GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile

effective memory clock speed Frequency at which memory can be read from and written to

GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile
400 MHz
GeForce GTX 760
6,008 MHz
GeForce GTX 660
5,600 MHz

memory bandwidth Rate at which data can be read from or stored in onboard memory

GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile
3.2 GB/s
GeForce GTX 760
192.3 GB/s
GeForce GTX 660
179.2 GB/s

pixel rate Number of pixels a graphics card can render to the screen every second

GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile
1 GPixel/s
GeForce GTX 760
23.52 GPixel/s
GeForce GTX 660
19.75 GPixel/s

texture rate Speed at which a graphics card can perform texture mapping

GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile
1 GTexel/s
GeForce GTX 760
94.1 GTexel/s
GeForce GTX 660
79 GTexel/s

texture mapping units Built into each gpu, these resize and rotate bitmaps for texturing scenes

GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile

render output processors GPU commponents responsible for transform pixels as they flow between memory buffers

GeForce FX 5200 Low Profile

In The News From around the web

Having crashes and bugs in the game is disappointing, but again, Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed Unity aren't alone here.
If you have seen Assassin's Creed Unity in action you'll be able to tell immediately the game is beautiful, stunningly so.
Roy Taylor has emphatically stated that the FX line of AMD CPUs has been very successful & tremendously popular & that AMD will continue to be dedicated to the high-end CPU market & not just APUs, saying.
This must be music to every enthusiast’s ears, a strong AMD back in the fistfight (figuratively) with Intel means faster cheaper CPUs for everybody.
The enthusiast has managed to overclock the processor to a staggering 8171.53 MHz.
This time, the 8 GHz barrier has been broken, and not once, but twice.
Ofcourse, it is highly unlikely that AMD is able to get an actual efficiency lead over Intel but the lack of AMD CPUs is such that any product will help at this moment.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


GPU brand Nvidia
GPU name NV34
Market Desktop
Clock speed 250 MHz
Is dual GPU No
Reference card None

raw performance

Texture mapping units 4
Render output processors 4
Pixel rate 1 GPixel/s
Texture rate 1 GTexel/s


Memory clock speed 200 MHz
Effective memory clock speed 400 MHz
Memory bus 64 bit
Memory 64 MB
Memory bandwidth 3.2 GB/s
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