GeForce G105M 

Released January, 2009
  • 640 MHz
  • 512 MB GDDR3
My short time with the NVIDIA G-Sync prototype display has been truly impressive, and getting some play time in with Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite and even some good old Battlefield 3 was awesome.
by Ryan-Shrout (Dec, 2013)
NVIDIA designed G-Sync around the 40-60 FPS target and it's worth noting that FPS can even dip into the 30's without issue.
by Allyn-Malventano (Jan, 2014)

Benchmarks Real world tests of the GeForce G105M

PassMark Industry standard benchmark for overall graphics card performanceData courtesy Passmark

GeForce G105M

T-Rex (GFXBench 3.0) Data courtesy CompuBench

GeForce G105M
GeForce 920M
GeForce 9600M GT

In The News From around the web

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It's great, as the GTX 1080 G1 Gaming didn't need any additional fan speed increase to handle the additional load from the overclocking.
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It doesn't matter how many games you throw at the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G; nothing will make those fans start making any noticeable noise.
Performance (overclocking, power)95%Quality (build, design, cooling)100%General Features (display outputs, etc)95%Bundle, Packaging & Software95%Value for Money95% Overall TweakTown Rating96% The Bottom Line: MSI is the first with a custom GeForce GTX 1080, and its GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X 8G is an incredible video card.
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MSI's Afterburner overclocking software is a widely-used kit of software, something that is quite easy to use and is even better to look at.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


GPU brand Nvidia
GPU name G98
Market Laptop
Clock speed 640 MHz
Is dual GPU No
Reference card Nvidia GeForce G105M 500 MHz 256 MB

raw performance

Shading units 8
Texture mapping units 8
Render output processors 4
Pixel rate 2.56 GPixel/s
Texture rate 5.12 GTexel/s
Floating-point performance 25.6 GFLOPS


Memory clock speed 700 MHz
Effective memory clock speed 1,400 MHz
Memory bus 64 bit
Memory 512 MB
Memory type GDDR3
Memory bandwidth 11.2 GB/s

noise and power

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