Radeon HD 7950 Monica BIOS 2 

First seen on July, 2018

As the above diagram illustrates, the "new" part of PowerTune with the GHz Edition is the ability to vary the voltage of the GPU in real-time to address a wider range of qualified clock speeds.
by Ryan-Shrout (Aug, 2012)
Heaven Benchmark is a DirectX 11 GPU benchmark based on advanced Unigine™ engine from Unigine Corp..
by Ryan-Shrout (Aug, 2012)

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AMD Releases App SDK 3.0 with OpenCL 2.0

by Scott Michaud |
Fiji has a very high compute throughput compared to any other GPU at the moment, and its memory bandwidth is often even more important for GPGPU workloads.
AMD has been creating first-party software software and helping popular third-party developers such as Adobe, but a little support to the world at large could bring a killer application or two, especially from the open-source community.
We are looking at a 4 times reduction in thermal dissipation power, 7 times improvement in graphics and twice the battery life using battery half the size.
The key focus of Broadwell is to enhance power efficiency while improving performance on a smaller 14nm node.
The 9-Series chipset was prepared specifically for Broadwell but due to launch delays, Intel tried into convincing their desktop users with new Refresh and the Devil’s Canyon processors.
The most notable thing is that Intel will actually feature support for DDR3 memory on the Y and U series Skylake chips while the others including desktop processors will support DDR4 memory as confirmed several times before.

AMD Catalyst 14.2 Beta Drivers Now Available

by Ryan Smith |
In the meantime these are still the recommended drivers for Thief’s Direct3D renderer, serving as the validated launch drivers for that game along with the first driver set to provide a complete Crossfire profile.
Finally, AMD sends word that they’re also making a rather significant code drop this week to the open source Radeon drivers for Linux.

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GPU brand AMD
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