Radeon Instinct MI25 MxGPU 

First seen on June 14, 2018

That said, it is doubtful that Kaveri will ever excel at fp64 intensive work.
by Syed-Muhammad-Usman-Pirzada (Jan, 2014)
The benchmarks are per-cycle based and the peak is calculated in Gigaflops.
by Syed-Muhammad-Usman-Pirzada (Jan, 2014)

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Report: AMD Radeon 300-Series Pricing and GPU Details Leak

by Sebastian Peak |
Such an announcement is likely the purpose of the AMD gaming event at E3 which is now just days away.
This information is totally unverified at least from any public source, but it is very specific regarding both price and GPU.

AMD Hawaii-based GPU has unused streaming processors available

by Anthony Garreffa |
Right now, AMD has one of the fastest GPUs on the market with its Radeon R9 290X, and it would be even better with a third-party HSF, like the one we see on the very impressive SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 290X Tri-X GPUs.
That said, it is doubtful that Kaveri will ever excel at fp64 intensive work.
The biggest power of the APUs is the HPC market niche.

AMD Cutting GPU Prices Again

by Wolfgang Gruener |
AMD is reportedly reacting to Nvidia's move to drive Kepler into a much more affordable price range for the mass market with the GTX 660 and GTX 650 models.
The latest price adjustments will cause the HD 7750 to drop below $100, and the HD 7770 to $110.

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GPU brand AMD
Is dual GPU No
Reference card None
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