Radeon Pro WX 4130 Mobile 

First seen on August, 2018

With such a low performance profile, even in the best case it’s not going to be much faster than AMD’s iGPUs.
by Ryan-Smith (Jan, 2014)
AMD’s specs call for it to ship at clockspeeds up to 855MHz for the GPU and 2GHz for the DDR3 RAM, so shader performance and memory bandwidth should be competitive with the wider but lower clocked 8570M (Mars/Oland), but the ROP count is only half as much, which will hurt performance in pixel-heavy scenarios and higher resolutions.
by Ryan-Smith (Jan, 2014)

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Foxconn To Build It’s Own Mobile Chipsets

by Sohaib Ahmad |
“The sources also noted that Socle has completed development of IP for 28nm processes, but it has been prohibited from using other foundry houses to enable production of 28nm chips using its IP, affecting its business development.

AMD Reveals First Mobile Radeon M200 Parts & Rebadges

by Ryan Smith |
In recent years this has especially been the case for laptop/mobile graphics thanks to the larger volume and higher levels of integration as found on those parts, though this does have the unfortunate side effect of meaning GPU announcements get caught up in the deluge of announcements coming out of CES.
Moving on to our second confirmed product, we have a new low end SKU called the R5 M230.

Unreal Engine 4 on Mobile Kepler at SIGGRAPH

by Scott Michaud |
Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, contributed to NVIDIA Blogs the number of ways that certain attendees can experience Unreal Engine 4 at the show.
Each of these platforms are settling on the same set of features, albeit with huge gaps in performance, allowing developers to focus on a scale of performance instead of a flowchart of capabilities.

Nvidia's Top Mobile Business Exec Mike Rayfield Resigns

by Wolfgang Gruener |
Prior to that he held executive positions in sales and business development at Texas Instruments, Growth Networks and Cisco.
Nvidia has confirmed that Mike Rayfield, vice president and general manager of the company's Mobile business unit, has resigned.

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GPU brand AMD
Is dual GPU No
Reference card None
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