Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand 

Released January, 2014
  • 650 MHz
  • 1 GB DDR3

The smartphone perfectly displays finest details with a 4.7″ diagonal screen and 1080 x 1920 resolution.
by Shaikh-Rafia (Oct, 2013)
The leaked benchmarks are of a phone carrying the model number SM-G900S, u can see in the picture above that it is sitting at the top.
by Sohaib-Ahmad (Dec, 2013)

Features Key features of the Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand

memory bandwidth Rate at which data can be read from or stored in onboard memory

Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand
14.4 GB/s
Radeon HD 8750M
64 GB/s
Radeon HD 8670M
14.4 GB/s

pixel rate Number of pixels a graphics card can render to the screen every second

Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand
5.6 GPixel/s
Radeon HD 8670M
6.6 GPixel/s
Radeon HD 8750M
6.2 GPixel/s

texture rate Speed at which a graphics card can perform texture mapping

Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand
16.8 GTexel/s
Radeon HD 8670M
19.8 GTexel/s
Radeon HD 8750M
18.6 GTexel/s

floating point performance How fast the gpu can crunch numbers

Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand
537.6 GFLOPS
Radeon HD 8670M
633.6 GFLOPS
Radeon HD 8750M
595.2 GFLOPS

shading units Subcomponents of the gpu, these run in parallel to enable fast pixel shading

Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand

texture mapping units Built into each gpu, these resize and rotate bitmaps for texturing scenes

Radeon R5 M240 Rebrand

In The News From around the web

Roy Taylor has emphatically stated that the FX line of AMD CPUs has been very successful & tremendously popular & that AMD will continue to be dedicated to the high-end CPU market & not just APUs, saying.
This must be music to every enthusiast’s ears, a strong AMD back in the fistfight (figuratively) with Intel means faster cheaper CPUs for everybody.
error message when they tried to use camera – it stops working from other apps like Instagram too.
A number of owners reported getting the Warning: Camera Failed.
Samsung has just received its first post-launch software update weighing some 28MB carrying the usual tag of improved performance.
Later, we also saw Galaxy S5 water resistance tests which proved the smartphone to be even sturdier than earlier thought as the SGS5 stayed in for a good hour with no damage.
While $394 may seem like a good profit margin for Samsung, software development, shipping, marketing, and other such costs are also to be counted before the exact profit could be estimated.
Manufactured at Samsung, DRAM and flash memory modules cost the company $33 per device; while the fingerprint sensor and biosensor cost only $15 and $1.45 respectively.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


GPU brand AMD
GPU name Mars
Market Laptop
Clock speed 650 MHz
Turbo clock speed 700 MHz
Is dual GPU No
Reference card None

raw performance

Shading units 384
Texture mapping units 24
Render output processors 8
Compute units 6
Pixel rate 5.6 GPixel/s
Texture rate 16.8 GTexel/s
Floating-point performance 537.6 GFLOPS


Memory clock speed 900 MHz
Effective memory clock speed 1,800 MHz
Memory bus 64 bit
Memory 1,024 MB
Memory type DDR3
Memory bandwidth 14.4 GB/s
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