Radeon R9 FURY X2 

First seen on June, 2015
  • 1.1 GHz
  • 8 GB

While the card introduces cool new technology like HBM and watercooling in a compact form factor, its performance is not high enough to conclusively beat NVIDIA's offerings, especially the factory overclocked models.
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The performance gap suddenly widens as soon as we start looking at lower resolutions; 4K vs. the GTX 980 Ti: -2%, 1440p: -9%, 1080p: -14%, 900p.
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Benchmarks Real world tests of the Radeon R9 FURY X2

PassMark Industry standard benchmark for overall graphics card performanceData courtesy Passmark

Radeon R9 FURY X2

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 FURY X2
932.66 mHash/s
GeForce GTX 980 Ti
537.83 mHash/s
775.76 mHash/s

Face detection Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 FURY X2
143.04 mPixels/s
224 mPixels/s
GeForce GTX 980 Ti
145.53 mPixels/s

Ocean surface simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 FURY X2
3,404.53 frames/s
GeForce GTX 980 Ti
1,735.24 frames/s
2,566.17 frames/s

Particle simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 FURY X2
1,194.57 mInteraction/s
GeForce GTX 980 Ti
1,405.25 mInteraction/s
1,371.74 mInteraction/s

T-Rex (Compubench 1.5) Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 FURY X2
12.49 frames/s
GeForce GTX 980 Ti
14.06 frames/s
11.39 frames/s

Video composition Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 FURY X2
140.63 frames/s
134.13 frames/s
GeForce GTX 980 Ti
138.55 frames/s

PassMark Direct Compute Measures performance of general-purpose computing using Microsoft DirectCompute

Radeon R9 FURY X2

Reviews Word on the street for the Radeon R9 FURY X2

We dreaded the prospect of a dual-GPU card based on the "Hawaii" silicon, but were pleasantly surprised when the dual-GPU R9 295X2 turned out to be cooler and quieter than single-GPU NVIDIA chips.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


In addition, the card exhibits some coil noise, depending on the game and framerate, but it's definitely there, and combined, the two effectively overpower the fan's noise levels.
by techPowerUp!
AMD has released their first new high-end GPU in one and a half years.
by techPowerUp!
During gaming, I've noticed some coil noise coming from the card, dependent on the framerate.
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Sure, there will be lazy game developers that will fill all the VRAM up with unnecessary junk, but those games will be the exception, not the norm.
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This means you can build a compact low-noise gaming PC for the living room that has enough power to play all the latest games.
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In gaming, noise levels are very good, much lower than competing reference designs from NVIDIA.
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NVIDIA's GTX Titan X is still 8% ahead, but the performance is extremely game dependent.
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So if you are thinking about 144 Hz 1080p gaming, the GTX 980 Ti is the way to go.
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AMD's choice for a watercooling solution definitely pays off in gaming noise levels.
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For any memory standard (including HBM), memory speed/bandwidth and power draw don't scale linearly.
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It is complemented by a transfer of video memory from physical chips surrounding the GPU package - over 32-bit-wide data paths, each.
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This is what necessitates a new memory standard.
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Multi card

AMD didn't announce any changes to the ancillaries - the multimedia engine, XDMA CrossFire (no bridge cables required), display controllers with support for DisplayPort 1.2a and HDMI 1.4a, and PCI-Express gen 3.0 x16 host interface remain the same as on "Hawaii.
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Specifications Full list of technical specs


GPU brand AMD
GPU name Fiji
Market Desktop
Clock speed 1,050 MHz
Is dual GPU Yes
Reference card None

raw performance

Shading units 8,192
Texture mapping units 512
Render output processors 128
Compute units 128
Pixel rate 134.4 GPixel/s
Floating-point performance 17,204 GFLOPS


Memory clock speed 500 MHz
Effective memory clock speed 1,000 MHz
Memory bus 8,192 bit
Memory 8,192 MB
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no you cant build a bomb with it
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That isn't skewed...
No it's not the benchmarks of the Fury X2. Visit Passmark website and you will see it's the results of Fury X. Gpuboss just got it wrong. They might fix it later as I sent them a report of their error.
The benchmark results displayed here are those of the FURY X.
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8,192 bit o-o shut and take my money
Don't you know? Everyone one on the internet is an expert in every field. Remember everyone who swore up and down that NVIDIA was going to release a GTX 980 with 8GB of GDDR5? That never came into fruition lol.
can i play gta 3 on low with that?
Soon My precious! Soon I will Buy this card and I will Buy 2!
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