Radeon R9 M370X Mac 

Released May, 2015
  • 775 MHz
  • 2 GB GDDR5

While many may argue that the human eye can't see over 24 FPS or 30 FPS, any true gamer will tell you that as we climb higher in Frames Per Second (FPS), the overall gameplay feels smoother.
by Shawn-Baker (Sep, 2014)
If you're not dropping below 30 FPS during games, you're going to have a nice and smooth gaming experience.
by Shawn-Baker (Sep, 2014)

GPUBoss Review Our evaluation of the Radeon R9 M370X Mac among Laptop GPUs


Radeon R9 M370X Mac
Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 21 more


Radeon R9 M370X Mac
T-Rex, Manhattan, Cloud Gate Factor, Sky Diver Factor and 1 more


Radeon R9 M370X Mac
Face Detection, Ocean Surface Simulation and 3 more

Performance per Watt

Radeon R9 M370X Mac
Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 32 more


Radeon R9 M370X Mac
Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 32 more

Noise and Power

Radeon R9 M370X Mac
TDP, Idle Power Consumption, Load Power Consumption and 2 more


Overall Score

Radeon R9 M370X Mac

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Radeon R9 M370X Mac

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 M370X Mac
124.77 mHash/s
GeForce GT 750M Mac
14.15 mHash/s
GeForce GTX 960M
174.77 mHash/s

Face detection Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 M370X Mac
25.65 mPixels/s
GeForce GTX 960M
53.96 mPixels/s
GeForce GT 750M Mac
8.77 mPixels/s

Ocean surface simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 M370X Mac
560.08 frames/s
GeForce GT 750M Mac
308.63 frames/s
GeForce GTX 960M
795.15 frames/s

Particle simulation Data courtesy CompuBench

Radeon R9 M370X Mac
244.59 mInteraction/s
GeForce GTX 960M
581.79 mInteraction/s
GeForce GT 750M Mac
112.8 mInteraction/s


Radeon R9 M370X Mac

Battlefield 4

Radeon R9 M370X Mac

Bioshock Infinite

Radeon R9 M370X Mac

Crysis 3

Radeon R9 M370X Mac

In The News From around the web


NVIDIA Releases 370.28 Drivers for Linux

by Scott Michaud |
Unfortunately, I don't tend to notice when Linux drivers get released; it's something I want to report more frequently on.
I'm not too familiar with the system, and I've heard some jokes from the Linux community over the last couple of years about its almost vaporware-like status, but I don't have any personal experience with it.
We expect to see official details of the R9 300-series of products of which there have been many leaks as well as the final details of the AMD Fury and Fury X products based on the new Fiji GPU.
This is easily our favorite tool for overclocking and GPU monitoring, so it's great to see the company continuing to push forward with features and capability.
It means as DX12 applications that find their way out to consumers and media, we will now have a tool that can help measure performance and monitor GPU speeds and feeds via the PrecisionX overlay.

Apple Initiates Video Repair Program for 2011-2013 MacBook Pros

by Ryan Smith |
Namely, while the iMac used its dGPU exclusively the MacBook Pros all used switchable graphics, which means that the MacBook Pros are often being driven by their iGPU rather than their dGPU.
While the 2011 iMac and MacBook Pros use different GPUs, both systems use GPUs from AMD’s Radeon HD 6000M series, with the iMac using the higher-end 6970M while the MacBook Pros used the 6490M, 6750M, and 6770M GPUs.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


GPU brand AMD
GPU name Tropo
Market Laptop
Clock speed 775 MHz
Turbo clock speed 800 MHz
Is dual GPU No
Reference card None

raw performance

Shading units 640
Texture mapping units 40
Render output processors 16
Compute units 10
Pixel rate 12.8 GPixel/s
Texture rate 32 GTexel/s
Floating-point performance 1,024 GFLOPS


Memory clock speed 1,125 MHz
Effective memory clock speed 4,500 MHz
Memory bus 128 bit
Memory 2,048 MB
Memory type GDDR5
Memory bandwidth 72 GB/s
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Can you overclock this GPU? It's probably not recommended but it has a relatively low clock speed compared with the nVidia GPU equivalents and I think if you clocked it a little higher it might catch up to some of the higher spec nVidia cards. Nevertheless this card is a beast and has given me good performance so far.
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