Radeon Vega 11 Embedded 

First seen on July, 2018

Add to that the extreme portability of OpenGL across mobile devices, Windows, Linux, Mac, and even SteamOS, and NVIDIA says their commitment to the open-source API is stronger than ever.
by Ryan-Shrout (Mar, 2014)
Whether or not the company intended for the new API to become a new standard, or merely force Microsoft's hand with DirectX 12, it is thanks to AMD that we are even talking about efficiency with such passion.
by Ryan-Shrout (Mar, 2014)

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AMD is promising some more fluid gameplay with RX 580 and Radeon Chill, thanks to fewer frames being queued to your display, you can reduce the response time of the frames being rendered by 64%, down to 6ms from 16.7ms..
The news headline cycle only cares about high-end products, but the sell through numbers on RX 560/550 are going to be huge in overseas markets like China, where there are tens of millions of gamers that would jump at a new $99 graphics card.
It's also an incredibly confusing naming scheme that NVIDIA has adopted, but before I get into that - let's look at NVIDIA's previous TITAN X graphics cards, and their official (and unofficial) names.
AMD will thump down its new Vega architecture with a truly next-gen series of graphics cards in the Radeon RX Vega family, led by HBM2 and HBC technologies.
My response was met with a sly smile, and then Polaris hit the mainstream sub $300 market in a big way.
I'd love to have Vega 10 in my hands before I talk performance, but just from the technology side of things - I'm vibrating with excitement.

AMD Catalyst 14.11.1 Beta Drivers Available

by Jarred Walton |
As we've noted in a few recent NVIDIA driver articles, there are a ton of new games coming out right now, which of course means we'll need to drivers/profiles in some cases to get optimal performance.
Windows 7 or 8/8.1 are required as well.

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